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Ginger CEBTP is a specification engineering company that specialises in soil investigation and analysis, building material characterisation tests and diagnostics of existing buildings and infrastructures. It operates for construction players such as local authorities, real estate promoters, companies or infrastructure managers. Ginger CEBTP has nearly 1,200 employees worldwide, including 900 (engineers, technicians and administrative staff) working in a network of agencies throughout France.

Interview of Coralie HERRMANN
Project Manager, Business Development Department

What were GINGER CEBTP’s objectives when you chose Jack in the Box?

Coralie HERRMANN: In 2015, we performed an audit of our offers to identify improvement levers. At the time, the offers were created from old offers with copy and paste of content and a charted frame that was often altered over time. Building an offer on our complex businesses required a lot of time and the final document was not up to the level of the investment made. With the adoption of Jack in the Box, our goal was threefold: save time for our employees, improve the efficiency of our offers, and promote the Ginger CEBTP brand identity.

What made you choose the Proposal Studio software solution?

Coralie HERRMANN: Proposal Studio meets all of the above requirements. It allows us to improve our attractivity, quality and time. We launched the project at the end of 2016 and are today in a constructive partnership with the Jack in the Box teams, who are always responsive and attentive to our requests.

How did the implementation go?

Coralie HERRMANN: We started with the bid administrative response. Then we deployed the geotechnical engineering field, which is easier because it is based on a standard that governs the sequence of the missions. Jack in the Box accompanied us: content workshops, tests and roll-out. In 2017, all our geotechnical engineers were trained by Jack, i.e. 300 employees. Jack then transferred his skills and accompanied us to ensure that we were able to carry out the content design and parameterization in-house. Today, more than 400 people use the software. In 2 years, 46% of our offers have been issued via Proposal Studio.

What do you think of the tool?

Coralie HERRMANN: Everyone is unanimous about the user-friendly nature of Proposal Studio. It’s a dynamic and intuitive solution to work on, the functionalities are well thought out.

How was the implementation of Proposal Studio received?

Coralie HERRMANN: According to an internal survey, 87% of the teams welcomed the project. The offers are uniform, the style, the graphic layout pleases both inside the company and to our customers. It is differentiating!

The cover page, in particular, is very attractive. Our offers are immediately recognized thanks to the cover.

The employees like the idea of going through the questionnaire. All you have to do is check the items you want to add to your offer, a kind of online shopping. It’s simple and efficient! Other features such as the outline mode allow you to adapt the structure to the client request and the collaborative mode, to work with other departments, inter-agencies or on multi-business offers.

What’s in it for your teams today?

Coralie HERRMANN: On an offer of more than 50 pages, the teams consider that more than 25% of time has been saved. First of all, they appreciate the automatic layout and not having to worry about the layout anymore. In 2nd position, the pre-writing of technical content allows more time to personalize the offers and in 3rd position, the access to the national and personal knowledge base of content.

What did the tool change in practices?

Coralie HERRMANN: We are seeking to change practices in regards to information capitalization. As we are a decentralised company, we needed a tool to share our good practices. Proposal Studio is suitable for this purpose: it allows us to centralise and share photos, techniques and best writing practices.

Has your goal been achieved?

Coralie HERRMANN: We have saved time, improved the quality of our offers while ensuring our brand identity.  In addition, our rate of conversion of offers into orders has improved by 3 points in 2 years. The Proposal Studio tool has enabled us to grow our sales.

What do you think is the secret of this success?

Coralie HERRMANN: Communicating on results, use statistics, and informing employees and challenging them is one of the acquisition levers. Since last year, the agency that makes the most offers with the software is awarded with the Phoenix Trophy (named after the Proposal Studio in-house name of the tool): this creates a real competition.

What’s next?

Coralie HERRMANN: We would like to deploy the Proposal Studio software in other businesses within the Ginger Group.

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