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SAMSIC is a family group from France, leader in providing services to companies in Europe. With its original business of cleaning, the SAMSIC group has developed a range of services dedicated to living and working environments and human resources. Today, 90,000 employees work with 30,000 customers in 25 countries in Europe and beyond.

Interview of Elena MOISEY
Project Management Officer, digital transformation of SAMSIC’s sales force

What types of business documents do you need to produce? How many people are involved?

Elena M. : Today 30 offer templates are available for our 300 users in 7 countries, in 5 languages. Each offer template, contract and amendment is dedicated to one of our fields of expertise. We also have an innovative storytelling offer.

How were you organised before?

Elena M. :

We had a Word template with suggested arguments and a few personalization slots such as figures and technical details. This same template (whatever the customer/industry) was duplicated endlessly. As time went by, the original template was losing data quality, the offer was impoverished, incorrect and was lacking consistency. And the result was unsatisfactory: time-consuming process, difficult obsolescence management, complex and disappointing layout, no collaborative work on the same offer…

What were the objectives of SAMSIC at the time of the tool’s implementation?

Elena M. : Behind the main objective to increase the offers transformation and the turnover, we wanted :

  • To professionalize and structure the production process of sales proposals
  • To manage content update and data back-up
  • To increase the quality of offers while reducing the time of creation

How did the bid go and why Jack over another?

Elena M. : In 2012, we launched a RFP to meet our 3 objectives. There was a wide gap between the 3 competing providers. Jack with its XaitProposal solution was the most successful offer both in terms of process, software functionalities and results. We especially appreciated the management of content modularity through the questionnaire and the quality of the graphic layout of the final document.

What was the main challenge of this project?

Elena M. : As with any launch of a new solution, our first challenge was to get Sam’Proposal (the name of our in-house XaitProposal) adopted as a unique tool for creating proposals and contracts. In order to do this, we had to help teams change their habits at each stage of building an offer, from preparation and customization to final validation. In addition, the tool made it possible to support our international development strategy. Sam’Proposal now enables us to strengthen the identity of the local brand belonging to a major group. Each country has a local offer templates with group content available.

How is Sam’Proposal received by your users?

Elena M. : Its ergonomy, its functionalities and its structured approach make it an appreciated tool. Especially the personalization process through the XX and the draft mention but also the automatic layout which makes our life much easier!

The assistants who were in charge of the production of the offers perceived the added value: the production of the offers was valued thanks to the emphasis placed more on the content, the layout being automatised.

What do you think of the approach and method of the Jack in the Box teams?

Elena M. : Since 2012, we are more in a partnership relationship. We work with the same people, which is reassuring. The approach is structured and the results are concrete. The dedicated team is attentive and always looking for appropriate solutions.

Have you had any feedback from your clients? If so, what are they?

Elena M. : We ran an offer analysis campaign with our partners. The results are without appeal: structured offers, smooth reading thanks in particular to the strong anchoring points and refined graphics. Design is the content that reaches to the surface!

Were your objectives achieved? and even exceeded thanks to storytelling?

Elena M. : Sam’ Proposal is now fully integrated in our ISO certified internal processes. We have indeed gone even further by innovating on an offer thanks to storytelling. Our wish was to increase the reader’s perception of an offer dedicated to cleaning. We wanted to guide him through the different stages of the collaboration “How will the 3 years of our collaboration go? “How is Samsic handling each step? ». This meant to break with a theme-based structure to handle it in a temporal way “the 3 years of partnership and how we will proceed on each step” by removing objections thanks to time-based rather than theme-based milestones. We called it “A story that we are going to live together”.

What was your method of implementing it? And how is it received?

Elena M. : We developed a whole training cycle to facilitate the understanding of the story, along with a change in the handling of the tool with a natural display approach and a very different commercial positioning. This new approach requires a maturity of the sales force in the commercial postures.

On the prospect side, this makes a real competitive difference. We explain that we anticipated everything right from the start and throughout the project. Our prospects embrace the approach and appreciate the audacity to do things differently.

What’s next?

Elena M. : In 2020, we will be working on new offer templates to extend our expertise and for new locations in Southern Europe.

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