Sales team training

Well trained salespeople
for impactful proposals.

Jack training workshops include all the best practices in Proposal Management with a focus on written sales documents.

Jack is licensed in Continuing Professional Education and has already trained more than 5000 salespeople in our methods using our tools.

Clear training objectives for each workshop:

Administrator Training

  • Manage XaitProposal and master back-office functionalities.
  • Learn how to update or create questionnaires, outlines and all the content (masters and knowledge base) independently.
  • Learn how to manage groups, accounts and merge fields in XaitProposal.
  • Provide Level 1 support for users. Develop organized writing reflexes.

Training for Contributors

  • Learn to contribute to a proposal in XaitProposal.

Shaping Content Workshop

  • The main goal of this workshop is to help interns learn to use a Proposal Management tool within their department and team and gain a better understanding of how to write persuasively for the business.

User Training

  • Gain familiarity with key XaitProposal functions.
  • Learn how to use the questionnaire to generate a dynamic sales proposal.
  • Understand how to customize sales arguments in a proposal and enhance it with additional images and documents.

Appreciation of training

  • Evaluation in the form of multiple choice questions
  • Instant satisfaction at each end of training
Jack, une entreprise du Groupe Xait est datadocké

Jack is Qualiopi certfied
from Bureau Veritas


98,04 %
satisfied with the length of training

96,43 %
satisfied with training content


Want to train your teams on XaitProposal? Learn to use the tool better or improve your offers? For new team members or just to brush up on your skills, there are a variety of solutions both in-person and via video conference.
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If you’re ready to start using XaitProposal or need a little refresher course for some of the functionalities, we have 3-hour video conference sessions for groups of up to 4.


If you want to organize an in-person training session for new users or some advanced training on XaitProposal, day-long, in-person courses can be organized for groups of up to 8.


Our workshops can be delivered for persons with a disability, whether it be :

  • Physical disability: accessible site with personalized assistance upon arrival.
  • Hearing: trainers able to work with adapted volume
  • Visual: software can be projected on a screen with size adapted
  • Disability***:
  • Mental: organization and speed of the workshop with trainer specially focused on progress.
  • Intellectual: focus on basic, user-friendly functionalities.

More productive sales teams for more contracts signed

As a customer’s main decision-making tool, your sales proposal needs to be clear, attractive and different.

Jack, the only Proposal Management expert in France, offers a complete range of services to boost your sales effectiveness at every step. From advising to software, Jack works with you throughout the entire proposal process. The goal? Quite simply to work better, faster.



Bring your offers to us, Jack’ll take care of it!



Gain the strategic advantage for closing deals with Proposal Management.



Getting the punch in your sales arguments.

Get in touch with us for more information!
Proposal Studio is now
Jack and Proposal Studio has been acquired by Xait, A global technology company that delivers software for document automation, collaboration, and intelligent pricing.
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